Blanchard Grinding

Blanchard Grinding Capabilities:

Blanchard grinding up to a length of 160 inches. This provides a standard, rotary finish, providing parts that are flat and parallel within .002". We can grind a wide variety of materials from hot rolled mild steel, to non-magnetic alloys. Standard 3 and 5 side ground parts are available to reduce production time. Premium plates are ground to nominal size and left .015'-.035". Oversizes are available, allowing suppliers to offer precision ground finish plates in inventory. All work is fully inspected with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Surface Grinding

Surface Grinding Capabilities:

Surface grinding of up to 120" in length, providing parts that are flat and parallel within .0005" with a surace finish as fine as 12 RMS. Some examples of what we can grind include tool and die, welds, chrome parting lines, raw blanks, and small machine parts - including V-ways, box ways, and matching flats. We can work at almost any angle such as 15 degree locks and 45 degree chamfers.


Light Fabrication Capabilities:

We have skilled welders and craftsmen who are capabile of fabricating many custom steal parts. Please don't hesitate to contact us to send in your blueprints for a quote. All our custom fabrictaion is done to very tight tolerances.

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